Robotic iPad Stand

An iPad telepresence robot named Double, developed by the California-based Y Combinator startup Double Robotics’ is now the simplest yet revolutionary way to be somewhere else, without actually being there. This incredible creative, and innovative robot looks more like an Apple inspired Segway, has the ability to balance on its wheels and mounts an iPad atop a motorized stand, letting you see, hear, and move around freely, while anyone who sees Double, sees you. This works by using two iPads at once. Double has intuitive touchscreen controls, and allows you to move around a work site or home and join people in any location while you can sit back and relax elsewhere. Its pretty much a video chat on wheels.

By adjusting the height remotely, one can also stay at eye-level, whether sitting or standing, which promotes a more fluid and realistic conversation with someone. Double’s retractable kickstands have been designed for automatic deployment to conserve power when you are not moving around. Its efficient motors and lightweight design allow for you to move around all day without having to recharge the battery. As I mentioned before, this robot uses two iPads. One serves as a remote control while the other sits on the moving and self-balancing base. The original price of the product was listed at $2,500 but the first production of Double has already been sold out, and new orders at a discounted price of $2,000 will be released in 2013.


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