15 Tips To Maximize Strength & Muscle Growth

Here is a list of tips and strategies that will help you out in obtaining extreme muscle growth and strength increase over a short period of time. It is important to keep in mind that results take time, effort, and dedication.

1. Be a Hard-Ass- Squeezing your glutes throughout an exercise such as bench press and overhead press allows you to stabilize your entire torso and lift more weight.

2. Use the 25 Rep Strategy- If the total number of reps you do per exercise adds up to 25 or near 25, you’re more likely to maximize muscle growth. Keeping the reps lower and sets moderate is best. Configurations like 5×5, 6×4, 8×3 (reps/sets) work well.

3. Go Heavy/ Then Light- Lifting heavy for a month using lower reps and then switching to higher reps and lower weight the next month enables maximum muscle growth. Heavy training allows for your body to fast gains during the lighter weeks.

4. Medicine Ball!- Using a medicine ball can provide explosive exercises that fire up your central nervous system and allow for more muscle fibers to grow. Throwing a medicine ball up high against a wall or slamming it from over your head down into the grown for a couple of sets can help maximize strength.

5. Make Shoulders Wider/ Waist Thinner- Making your shoulders broader and your waist thinner will give you a more muscular and developed look. A good shoulder exercise that will broaden your shoulders starts with you holding two dumbbells. Perform a lateral raise with your left arm and hold it there. Then perform a lateral raise with your right arm. Lower your right arm only a quarter of the way down, and lift it back up. Perform this 10x while still holding the left arm in the air. Rest a minute, and switch arms.

6. Change Your Grip- If you are having trouble benching and the weight continues to get stuck on your chest, you can switch to dumbbell presses for a few weeks. Perform these presses with your palms facing each other. This positioning allows you to tuck your elbows close to you when lowering the weights, which will become a habit when you get back to the bench press. Tucking your elbows in and developing proper form will help you to lift heavier.

7. Do Pull-ups and Push-ups 2x A Day- First thing when you wakeup in the morning perform as many push-ups and pull-ups as you can. Do another set like this each night before bed. Repeat this every other day for a month and your strength should increase.

8. Don’t Let Your Elbows Move- It is important to keep your elbows from moving when curling. If you don’t, you won’t fully extend them, and you won’t be getting a full range of motion.

9. Lift Heavy- To build muscle and strength quickly you have to lift heavier. This means to keep it under 12 reps, and lift for approximately 70% of your max each set.

10. Iso-Hold Dropsets- These work great to promote strength and muscle growth. Unlike regular dropsets, you won’t receive any time to break. An iso-hold dropset is when you hold the weight at the top of the lift and your partner removes some of the weight, forcing your muscles to work through the weight change without getting a break.

11. Stand Your Ground- Two-thirds of all your muscle fibers are responsible for balance and coordination. The other third are designed for movement. Therefore, you get more out of the exercises you perform standing up than sitting down, lying down, or strapped to a machine.

12. Compound Movements- Perform compound movement exercises in order to promote muscle growth and strength. Examples of these exercises are squats, bench press, dead lift, military press, rows, and power cleans.

13. Practice Makes Perfect- Perfect technique is key in obtaining mass. If you are performing an exercise wrong, it can lead to injury. A good way to establish a good technique is by performing a set with little or no weight in order to focus on the motions of the exercise.

14. Increase Resistance- If you want to increase muscle and strength it is important to make sure you’re making progress. By increasing either the reps or weight each time you perform an exercise you will continue to put stress on your muscles so they can’t get comfortable and will continue to grow.

15. Eat- You won’t see someone who is incredibly strong and muscular that doesn’t eat. If you want to promote muscle growth and increase your strength you have to properly fuel yourself. Providing yourself the essential nutrients will allow for your body to recover and continue to grow.


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