What Does Your Style Say About You?

In the World today, I think it’s fair to say that your image counts for a lot. Humans can be very capricious, judgmental and assumptive, and fashion and style is just one of the many aspects of life we are willing to bow down to, in the hope of looking good and making a good first impression. Both sexes judge, and will form a very powerful opinion of you based on the way you dress and present yourself. We can all say that it’s what’s on the inside that matters, but most of us will judge initially by what we see on the surface.

Intro-First impressions are everything; life moves quickly, and you won’t be able to get to know each person you meet. You won’t have the opportunity to showcase your personality to every person you run into. When you’re applying for a job, meeting someone new, visiting relatives, going on a date, or just walking down the street; in every situation that requires some sort of interaction between you and another person, assumptions about you WILL BE made within seconds.


Does Your Style Reflect Your Personality?-

People often believe that how we dress and look is a direct reflection of who we are on the inside. Is this true about you? Maybe your bold, energetic, and extroverted, which is why you wear bright colors or unique clothing. Or are you quiet, to your self, and conservative? Your style is more casual and simple, but still classy and sophisticated. Either way, what you put on in the morning can reflect your current mood for the day. Some people believe that what you wear actually stems from the people you surround yourself by or who you want to impress.

Almost everyone cares about what they look like and what people think about them. If we dress a certain way it could be to please the people we are around the most, or actually hide something about our personalities rather than express it. Two people might want to dress the same in order to impress and show off in front of a group of people, while their personalities are completely opposite. Although one might be expressing his/her true self through what they wear and the other hiding who they are, they both dress the way they do in order to look good.

Image IS Important-

Image is important. First impressions are key, and the first thing someone else notices about you is your style. Let’s say you’re at an interview for a job you’ve always wanted. They don’t know about the charity work you’ve done, or how you’ll handle situations if you get the job, or anything else about you except what you’re currently wearing when they first meet you. If you dress the part and the interview goes smooth you’ll land the job. It’s as simple as that, but no matter how well the interview goes, what you’re wearing can either hinder or bolster your chances. Dressing well can help you to be remembered when you walk out of that interview instead of forgotten.

Be Comfortable in Your Own Skin…and Clothes-

It’s obvious that not everyone dresses the same. Sometimes it’s better to wear what’s comfortable rather than what’s fashionable. It’s still possible to impress while feeling relaxed and comfortable with what you wear. You don’t necessarily have to look like you just stepped off the cover of a GQ magazine to make a good first impression. Half the battle of looking good and dressing well is feeling comfortable while you do it. Always remember that being more relaxed in what you wear isn’t always detrimental to your style, it just requires a bit more thought, but can still provide the impression you want to give.

Confidence, Consistency, Change-

Being comfortable in your clothes starts within yourself. Confidence plays a major role if you want to have a good first impression on someone. Standing up straight, holding the right amount of eye contact, and doing things others are scared to do will help you to stand out from the competition and make a huge difference to the way people see you. You should also maintain a decent level of Consistency. Feel free to experiment with different looks and styles, but make sure you always have the basics that you know make you look and feel good. Consistency refers to the style people associate you with. Not the hair style or clothes you wear for a day because you lost a bet. Consistency also refers to effort. Whether you are trying to look your best, or just dress casual, it should always look like you’ve made an effort. Possibly the most important of the “three Cs” could be Change. Embrace change, don’t fight it. We can often become entrenched in our own ideas, developing rules to what we wear or how we look. This is something you don’t want to fall into. Keep an open mind and you won’t feel reluctant to appreciate something new or different that might work better for you. No one has a perfect style, so we should always be learning new things. Appreciating some aspect of someone elses style can only be beneficial to us.


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