Difficult Women & How To Handle Them

There are all kinds of women in the world; tall, short, skinny, fat, lumpy, plump, smart, hot, beautiful, sweet, smelly, and the list goes on. But we can all agree that most women are DIFFICULT. Some WAY more difficult than others. The problem isn’t that these women exist; the problem is that we try to date them. You might be sitting there reading this saying “No, all women are crazy”, but that isn’t true. Everyone has something about them that isn’t perfect, so don’t expect each girl you date to be flawless.

The problem isn’t that all women are crazy bitches. The problem is you have a thing for crazy bitches. So here is a short list of different types of difficult women and how to handle them if you find yourself in a sticky situation.


What makes her attractive: She’s sassy. She does what she wants and is independent. She’s a challenge and probably knows how to bring home the bacon. If you like to be pushed around then this might be the type of women you could spend your life with.

Why is she a bitch?: She’s angry. Some asshole probably broke her heart in high school and now you’re going to suffer for it.

What dating her says about you: You can be attracted to her because she expresses the anger you wish you could express, or won’t because you don’t want to aka you’re a nice guy. Or you’re attracted to her because you actually are just as angry as her. You look forward to getting into bar fights, and show signs of roid rage without the steroids.

How to change the bitch into a butterfly: You can, but shouldn’t. This is a long and grueling process. Hours and hours of emotional outpour, whether it’s fighting, crying, screaming, or talking. To change her back to the sweet little girl she used to be in grammar school will take immense amounts of effort and time and you’ll regret it in the end. She’s most likely with you because no other guy will put up with her shit, so if you make her change her personality, don’t be surprised when she ends up with another guy. I suggest you take my advice and get as far away as possible. If you do decide to stick around, the best way to handle a bitch is to just talk things out with her and confront her about it. Tell her she’s a bitch and she has to change if she wants you to stick around.


What makes her attractive: She’s considered to be a “trophy wife”. She has everything going for her. Beautiful, smart, sweet, exotic, and incredibly unique. Type of woman who can play instruments, speak different languages, model, and does a bunch of other things ordinary women can’t do.

Why is she a gold digger?: Why do you think? Everyone loves to get what they want, when they want it. Living the life of luxury is all this type of woman really cares about.

What dating her says about you: You probably don’t have much trust when it comes to women, which is why you go for the trophy wife. You consider her to be more of an asset rather than a partner. You could possibly be self-obsessed which is why you set your standards so high and only shoot for nines and tens.

How to change the digger to a giver: Treat her like a newborn. Babies have this constant want for their mother’s milk just like a gold digger has a constant want for your money! You have to ween her off of the hundred-dollar bills. Slowly introduce her to life without money and make her appreciate things like nature. Until she learns to appreciate life without the moolah, she will continue to love you for the wad of cash in your wallet. It’s time for both you and her to get past the physical. Appearance or money, whatever the reason you both jumped into the relationship for has to be forgotten, and a deeper more emotional tie between the two of you must develop.

The Hot Mess

What makes her attractive: The typical hot mess is sweet, genuine, charming, shows her feelings towards you, and expresses how important you are to her unlike most women. Who doesn’t want someone to show they care about them?

Why is she a hot mess?: She’s an alcoholic or a drug addict, she’s on meds and neglects them, or her father is a goddamn drill sergeant.

What dating her says about you: You like to fix things, including people. Whatever her problem is, you want at it…and trust me you’ll get it eventually. You consider yourself to be a knight in shining armor riding his noble steed to save the beautiful princess from the top of the castle. And I feel so bad for you.

How to change the mess into a princess: This is another situation where I suggest you run away and say “It’s not my problem”. But if you’ve got a big heart and decide you do want to kamikaze yourself into “saving” her from whatever she has going on I suggest you hire a therapist. For you that is. You’ll need someone to talk to just as much as she does after you decide to face her problems with her. Being patient and understanding is key if you decide you care enough to help her out.


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