5 Reasons Why College Athletes Should Not Be Paid

There are numerous coaches, players, and fans that believe that college athletes should receive a stipend, along with their tuition, room and board. Because these athletes at some of the larger schools help bring in sizeable revenue at some institutions, people feel that these athletes should be given some of the cash they help bring in. That the thousands of dollars spent on tuition, room and board, hotel and travel fees are not enough.

Not enough- What people have said the athletes should receive is nowhere near what they would actually want. Steve Spurrier, a college football coach at USC is proposing that athletes should receive anywhere from $3,500 to $4,000 a year. This amount would be plenty for an average student who is starving for some extra cash during a sports season but we aren’t talking about the typical full-time student who works a part-time job and lives with his/her parents to save money. We are talking about athletes who are already considered to be stars, and are treated like celebrities, with millions waiting for them at the next level.

Corruption in College Sports will continue- People who support college athletes being paid believe that it will stop corruption in college sports but this is not the case. Just look at the Cam Newton situation. There are rumors that his father demanded as much as $180,000 for his son to attend Mississippi State. While this is most likely exaggerated, situations like this occur all the time with young athletes. Lebron James is another professional star who was once said to have taken a Hummer as payment. When people are looking to receive cars, jewelry, and large amounts of money, $4,000 a year won’t change much.

What Sports Get Paid?- College football and basketball are the two sports that immediately come to mind when you consider college athletes being paid. What about the other sports? Sports like golf, baseball, tennis, volleyball and track and field. The athletes who participate in those sports work just as hard as the college athletes in basketball and football but because they don’t generate as much revenue they will be treated differently than athletes who workout in the same gym as them.

Income Generators- Not all schools with college football and basketball programs make money. In fact some institutions actually lose money due to the fact that the amount of revenue they bring in does not exceed the expenses needed for travel, facilities costs, and salaries. This makes it nearly impossible for athletes to be paid equally that attend different schools.

Athletes get paid enough already!- Fans aren’t always dumb. They aren’t oblivious to the fact that some “student-athletes” aren’t always students. Do you think that everyone who plays under John Calipari believes they are a student over a ball player? Most of the guys on the team are trying to make the NBA, and most of them do. The most overlooked reason why athletes shouldn’t be paid is that they are already being paid! A scholarship can be a huge financial package, and many of your everyday college students who have amazing grades wouldn’t mind having a full ride to college to LEARN and not just to play a sport. People suggest that the athletes are being taken advantage of. But are they? Free tuition for an education at a top school, and being treated like a celebrity with a chance to become a millionaire and professional athlete doing something you love doesn’t sound like being taken advantage of. It screams opportunity.


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