Watch to Watch for: Cyrus Klepcys Mars Watch

Geneva-based Cyrus Watches has introduced the new Klepcys “Mars” watch, featuring the “Face on Mars” on the dial as well as a miniature replica of the entire planet. It seems that having the planet replica on the watch was not enough for the watchmakers at Cyrus, so they decided to make the “Red Planet” on the watch rotate at its real-world sideral speed of 24 hours, 37 minutes and 22 seconds (time that it takes the planet to rotate once on its axis).

Of course the creation of such an ellaborate watch takes an immense amount of time, dedication, and handiwork. That is why the Cyrus team decided to recruit Jean-Francois Mojon, most recently known for his collaboration on the Harry Winston Opus X watch. Currently, there are four different styes that Cyrus will release the Klepcys Mars as. There is a limited edition for each style.

33 pieces will be released in red gold (5n).

88 pieces will be released in white gold/ black titanium DLC.

1 piece will be released in red gold (5n) and diamonds.

An undetermined amount will be released in 18K polished red gold.

On the right hand of the dial you see the spherical Mars display and on the left you will see a reproduction of the “Face on Mars”, an image captured from the famous Viking 1 explorer expedition in 1976. The retrograde hour hand on the left side of the dial points to the position where the minutes and seconds disks are read. The hour hand rotates and changes color as time passes from day to night. The Case is 48mm, crowns included.

The replica of Mars is a three-dimensional sphere, 7.66mm in diameter. As I mentioned before, the rotation of the planet is the same as the real planet Mars. The replica is a hand-painted domed sapphire crystal.

On the back of the case is a medallion made of 18K red gold measured at 18mm in diameter. It is engraved by hand, and inspired by the stater coin of Cyrus. This medallion depicts Cyrus on a winged horse setting off to conquer the planet Mars.

The cost of this watch has not yet been released but is expected to be well over the $100,00 mark, especially for the red gold with diamonds edition.


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