How to Sweatproof Your Clothes

The worst feeling in the World is when you’re wearing your most expensive outfit on a Friday night out and your confidence is being ruined by the sweat stains under your armpits. Not only does it make you look less appealing and feel repulsive, sweat can permanently stain your favorite clothing. This post is how to guide to help you out with your sweating problems.

Consider Specially Formulated Products- If you find yourself sweating profusely it’s possible you have a problem such as hyperhidrosis. Certain products such as sweat block pads, which are cloths that that have been pre-soaked in industrial-strength antiperspirant, could be a remedy to your problem. If you feel that sweat block pads aren’t completely finishing the job than a good alternative would be underarm sweat pads. They have a sticky side that forms a physical barrier between your sweat and your clothing.

Soak Your Clothes- If you are a heavy sweater (and there’s a good chance you are if you’re reading this), then a good way to prevent your clothes from staining after a long day at the office is to soak your clothing in cold water and apply a stain remover to the armpit area as soon as you get home. You’ll want to apply the stain remover to the inside of the shirt, because this will attempt to lift the stain out of the fabric rather than make it disappear into the fabric. Rinse in cold water once you let the stain remover set for a few minutes.

Remove Excess Body Hair- If you have excessively long armpit hair, it might be a good idea to trim it down a bit. If you wear an antiperspirant (deodorant), it’s important for that product to come in contact with your skin in order for it to do its job. If your armpit hair is preventing the product from doing so, you’ll sweat more.

Bonus: Choose the Right Shoes- If you find your feet sweating a lot there are a few tricks to avoid it. You should try to switch which shoes you wear everyday. Don’t wear the same pair of shoes for a month straight because this will cause your shoes and feet to smell. You need to give your shoes a chance to air out from time to time. Every once and a while you can spray the inside of your shoes with a shoe deodorizer or use an OTC foot powder to help absorb sweat. You’ll also want to make sure you wear socks to absorb extra sweat.


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