Sex Myths: Part 1

Sex is a natural event that occurs between two individuals. I could get into the technical aspect of what goes where but this isn’t sex education so I’ll assume you know what this post is talking about. A person’s libido (sexual drive) is an innate, natural force propelled by social, biological, and psychological components. With sex being a major topic of discussion in our society, you’d assume that we would have a better grasp on the subject. However, many men are lead to believe common misconceptions about sex. Here is Part 1 of some common sex myths and the truths or falsehoods behind them.

Myth: Men Want Sex More Than Women

True or False: False

Why?: Both men and women experience fluctuations in libido throughout the day. However, men would have you believe that they are ready to go 24/7. Diet, amount of sleep, health, stress, self-confidence, and relationship problems are all factors that influence both men and women when it comes to how often someone wants to have sex. Although both genders are equally interested in having sex, women can control themselves and their emotions better than men can. So if you are giving your girlfriend attitude, don’t expect her to come to bed begging you for sex.

Myth: Practice Makes Perfect

True or False: True/False

Why?: This myth is both true and false. It’s true because it’s obvious that someone who’s had multiple sexual encounters and been around the block a few times will know more about what they’re doing than a virgin. However, if the women is really into (either physically or emotionally) the inexperienced guy, she might think it was the best sex she’s ever had. “Good sex” has almost as much to do with perception and the brain as it does with technique and the motion of the ocean.

Myth: African American Men Are Bigger

True or False: True

Why?: A lot of men tend to make jokes about how black guys have bigger penises but it’s actually been proven to be true. A recent study suggests that African American men have bigger and thicker penises than any other race. The average size came in at a porn-star-like 7.1 inches, while the average size for a Caucasian male was 6-6.5 inches. Asian men were placed at the bottom of the totem-pole, listed at 3.8-4.5 inches. Thank God I’m not Asian. The next time you make a “size” joke to one of your friends remember that there’s some truth behind it.


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