Sex Myths: Part 2

This is the Part 2 post to Sex Myths: Part 1. If you were impressed with Part 1 then here are three more common sex myths and the truths or falsehoods behind them.

Myth: Women Don’t Like Porn or Getting Down & Dirty

True or False: False

Why?:Not all women want to have rose petals scattered across the floor of the bedroom, romantically lit candles, and sensual massages. Some just want to be punished in the kinkiest way possible. If you think you’re the only one with dirty thoughts on the bus then you’re sadly mistaken. The woman sitting across from you is probably thinking of something just as dirty and graphic as you are. Another misconception is that women don’t like to watch porn. Some do and some don’t; the same goes for guys. Men just tend to be more open about it than women.

Myth: Men Think About Sex Every 7 Seconds

True or False: False

Why?:It’s the fourth quarter, 21 seconds to go, and your team is down 1 in the State Championship game. I highly doubt you’re going to picture yourself banging the cheerleaders three times before the game is over. You’re probably more focused on the task at hand and the cheerleader banging can happen later after the game. In fact, as you get older (early-mid 20’s) other things become just as important to you as sex, so your focus and attention is spread out. Maybe when you turned 16 years old and landed your first girlfriend all you could think about was how great the 30 seconds you lasted was, but now that you’re older you should have other things to focus on such as college, work, and bills.

Myth: She Can’t Get Pregnant If I Pull Out

True or False: False

Why?: I can’t emphasize enough how false this is. This is widely considered as a form of birth-control, but it shouldn’t be. Men can’t control when ejaculatory fluid begins to come out. Pre-ejaculate, which includes sperm, is released and can be enough to get a women pregnant. It’s proven that 1 out of every 5 couples who use the “pull-out method” as their only form of birth control over a span of a year will end up pregnant.


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