Time Management Tips

Regardless of where you work or don’t work (full-time student/currently unemployed), time management is an essential to become successful in any aspect of life. Time management can provide balance between life at home and life at the office, or balance between your biology and government classes. Good time management is an intangible you want to have. Let me correct that; NEED to have. Here are a few tips to increase your time management skills.


Tip: Time doesn’t change. No matter how organized you are, there are still only 24 hours in a day. We can’t “manage” time, but we can manage ourselves and what we do with the time we have.

In order to increase your time management skills, you must approach your everyday schedule like a math problem. There is a systematic approach to organizing what needs to be done and getting it done efficiently. I’ve developed a 4-step process that can help you handle the tasks thrown at you everyday. The first three steps involve you writing out what needs to be done on paper, and developing a strategy to attack these tasks, while the fourth step involves you implementing your strategy and performing these tasks effectively and efficiently.

Step 1: Set time management goals & define tasks

  • Find out where you currently waste your time and write it down. You’ll want to try to correct these bad habits in order to help yourself accomplish what needs to be done. Tracking your daily activities will help you to accurately form a picture of what you do every day and what needs to change.
  • The next thing to do is to write down some time management goals. These are goals that will reflect what you want to fix about your current daily activities. An example of a time management goal is to not use Facebook while studying or working.
  • Define tasks. This is the most important part of this step. You’ll want to write down what needs to be done for the day/week/month/etc. Don’t forget to leave anything out.

Step 2: Prioritize these tasks-

  • You’ll want to list these tasks in the order of importance.
  • Remember to include when the task has to be done by. Some tasks may have to be done within the week while others within the day. Write it down and be specific.

Step 3: Schedule-

  • After you write down your time management goals and your tasks and you prioritize, the next step is to schedule. You’ll want to write down specifically when you want to complete your tasks.
  • Be specific when scheduling. You can include a time limit per task to make sure you don’t waste too much time on one thing. Also remember to cross off what you’ve already done.
  • Tip: Sometimes it’s helpful to perform the harder tasks first. Once you finish the harder stuff first, the rest of your day will be much more enjoyable.

Step 4: Establish a routine & stick to it-

  • The final step in the time management process is to establish a routine and be consistent! Just like in any aspect of life, a strict routine can lead to success.
  • Remember to be organized!
  • Tip: Sometimes taking a break can be helpful when you’re under stress from what needs to be done. After you complete a daunting task feel free to take a 10 minute break to reward yourself.
  • Don’t waste time waiting for others. You will have to rely on others occasionally so don’t waste your time waiting for them. Use that time to move on to a new task or develop strategies to attack tasks while you’re waiting.

One Response to Time Management Tips

  1. I read a lot of articles on time management and I believe that the most essential and basic principles continue to hold true–define goals, prioritize and set a routine. I’ve personally found the most benefit from setting a routine because it allows me to get started with my day without having to think too hard about what I should be doing–I already know and can get straight to work!

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