Stretching: It’s Important!

Stretching is commonly associated with working out or playing a sport, but it can also be beneficial to people who are sedentary. Proper stretching helps avoid injury by increasing your flexibility and increasing blood flow, which can improve performance in physical activity. There are many positives about stretching before or after an activity, but stretching can lead to some negatives, too. Stretching an injured muscle or tendon can cause further damage. Always remember stretching needs to be done properly to be effective.

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How to: Tie a Tie

Every man should learn how to tie a tie at one point or another in their life. Here is a post dedicated to teach you each of the four ways to tie a tie; the four in hand knot, the Pratt knot, the Half Windsor knot, and the Windsor knot and a bonus guide on how to tie a bow-tie. The first way to tie a tie is the four in hand knot demonstrated in the video below. The four in hand knot makes for a narrow, more discreet, and slightly asymmetrical tie knot. It is best suited for a standard button-down dress shirt and works well with wide neckties.

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